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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question not answered here? Feel free to reach out via any of the channels listed on our Contact Us page. 

What is the audition process like?

DoroBucci auditions are held twice each year - during the spring and fall. Auditions usually consist of learning two short sections of choreography, typically a slow and a fast section. Afterward, there is a freestyle portion where you are able to show off your own individual style and personality. DoroBucci auditions are a space for prospective members to get a feel for our dance style, company process, and our community. A bit of nerve is natural but remember to be yourself and have fun!

Do I need prior dance experience to join DoroBucci?

No prior dance experience is required to be a member of the company. We welcome and encourage everyone to audition, regardless of their performance background. 

Can I join DoroBucci if I’m already in another dance company?

Of course! Many of our members are a part of other dance companies on campus including BodyHype, Más Flow, BAC, etc. 

What if I can’t dance but want to be a part of DoroBucci?

There are many other roles that are carried out behind the scenes but are nevertheless crucial to the success of DoroBucci. These roles, from videography to stage crew management, are fulfilled by our amazing community members. If you are interested in becoming a community member, please join us at our next audition! 

How much of a time commitment does DoroBucci require?

How much time you commit to DoroBucci is all up to you! While weekly company is mandatory, you are able to choose however many pieces you would like to be in for our shows each semester. We also perform throughout the year at ODUS-sponsored events as well as performances with other dance groups. 

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